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London based, boutique web and digital design studio

Prophet & Falcon was founded in 2014 by Dan Hawkins, a young web aficionado with a belief that the best work hasn't been done, and a dream of better online experiences for businesses and their customers. Tired of corporations not listening to their online customers and tired of startup businesses being ripped off, he set out to offer a web design service that focussed on the people involved, not the technology or code.

“Digital solutions for troublemakers and game changers.”

Fast forward to 2016 and “I” has become “We” and our web design revolution is in full swing. We are providing websites, e-commerce, branding, email design and much more, to a variety of businesses and charities. We are a small studio and we want to keep it that way. We take pride in the fact that the people you speak to at the beginning will be the same people that craft your project and launch it. Let us introduce ourselves.

Version 2Dan Hawkins
Technical Director & Founder

Front End developer, WordPress tinkerer and lover of all things web. Though Matt has me beat on the meme knowledge. I'm the guy that listens to and gets to grip with the vision for your business. I make sure it's implemented in everything we do and I'll be by your side every step of the way.

“My passion is making business owners proud about their online presence. I love giving people a reason to shout about their website.”

I take care of our clients from our very first meeting, ensuring everyone is happy and on track. I also take care of the code! I've been making websites longer than I've been drinking. With eight years of web development so far, I've developed an eagle eye for shipshape code. Along the way, I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing organisations, both exciting startups such as Queen of the Mountains and household names like Boots.

I tell everyone that websites are a constant work in progress, so a productive relationship with your web developers is essential. That's why I started a design studio focussed on people. I build great relationships so that together we can build great stuff.

Version 2Matt Boyle
Design Director

Designer, type nerd, usability hawk, and part-time grammar nazi. I'm the chap that sits down and pores over layouts, wireframes and mockups; in an effort to make sure our clients, and more importantly, their clients enjoy the experiences that we produce.

“My favourite parts of design involve the bits people don't really see, the typography, and the architecture.”

With over ten years of doing my best to self-induce Myopia under my belt, it's fair to say that I've put the hours in. I'm still at it because of a love of the craft, and a belief that the best work hasn't been done yet. In that time I've designed for a broad spectrum of clients, from entertainment, through tech and industrial, to charities and start-ups. I've helped to launch a number of products and services, mostly as part of internal teams, and I only realised after the term was popularised that I was largely a user experience designer.

I joined Dan because it was the right thing to do, not the safe thing to do. I was confident that we could stand independently on the merits of our own work, and build the company we want to work for.


If you dig what we are doing and trying to achieve, we'd love to hear from you. Even better, we'd love to work with you.

Photography: Samantha Hawkins

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