15th December 2014 — By Dan Hawkins

A flexible and customisable website for Journl’s marketing team

Journl is was a task-management app that makes accessing the information that matters most easy. It's a personal organiser where events are logged, to dos ticked off, thoughts recorded, and documents kept in order. The marketing whizzes in their team approached me to try and solve an issue they were having with their website. They weren't able to edit the marketing website themselves and turnaround time on changes were slow when they wanted to change or add to it, but it is their primary tool for attracting new customers.

Journl have an amazing web development team who built both the amazing organisational product that you can sign up to for £4.99 per month as well as the marketing pages on journl.com. So here was their problem, every time Lina, CMO, and Peter, Marketing Manager had a great new piece of marketing strategy they had to pull the dev team away from working on the company's product and get them to spend time working on new pages and features for attracting customers.

This was hurting the company in two ways: the marketing guys couldn't be as reactive and fast-paced as they would like to be in getting new campaigns running, plus the development team were losing time on rolling out exciting product updates. Lina and Peter hired me to solve this problem for them.

Journl is a task-management app that makes accessing the information that matters most easy.

WordPress to the rescue!

Peter was very keen that WordPress would be the answer to their problems and I agreed. With experience as a WordPress theme developer I was confident we would be able to create the level of flexibility and ability to create new content they needed.

The key requirements of the WordPress site were to enable:

  • Quick and user-friendly editing of all current content, including the imagery
  • New landing pages to be created very quickly to target new types of customers and searches
  • Page tweaks to be made and used in A/B split testing to ultimately create a better performing marketing site
  • Import and integration of the company Tumblr blog at a later date

Some of these requirements were uncovered later in the project but due to the flexibility of WordPress I was able to factor in everything Journl were looking for.

After discussions with the marketing guys and the technical guys at Journl I decided on a strategy that would allow both teams to do things their way if they wanted to work on the site. For the marketing guys I dissected the current site in to a series of modules that could be replicated across anywhere in the site with the ability to change their content, imagery, colours and links. This gave them the landing pages they desperately wanted to create for new campaigns.

WordPress allowed me to create easily edtiable modules

"Professional, attentive, and focused on getting things done well. The final product was exactly what we wanted and we're thoroughly impressed. Would work with Dan again - recommended!"
Peter Meinertzhagen - Marketing Manager, Journl

For the development team, I added the chance to insert a whole page of code in to the site that would sit with the header and footer neatly on the top and bottom. This meant they retained their freedom to create whatever they wanted without their specialist skill-set being limited by WordPress. The end result is a great example of WordPress being used as a fully-fledged content management system that gives marketing experts with little or no web development knowledge the ability to publish and edit content that will drive up sales in their business. If you want to grow your business online by utlising the great feautures in WordPress get in touch today and I can make it happen!

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