24th June 2015 — By Dan Hawkins

Website for adoption: one careless owner

So you have your new sweet-looking looking website that you paid a good few quid for. What now? Wait for the customers and money to come rolling in, right? Wrong! If you step back and leave your website to fend for itself you are probably going to be disappointed and not get the return you were hoping for.

You can have one day to bask in its glory - but then you should make sure you've got a website review strategy in place. With this strategy you can continue to tweak your website to make it reach your business goals.

Anyone that tells you they can create a successful website for you straight off the bat is lying, it takes continued effort.

This article will explain why you should be regularly reviewing your website, tweaking it and adding new content.

Firstly, think about all of your other marketing activities. This might be advertising, online or print, it might be going to networking events or it might be cold-calling. Did you decide on Day 1 how you were going to do or write these marketing practices and then stick to them even when they weren't getting the results you wanted? Of course not.

All marketing needs refining because every business and its audience are different and this requires experience in order to get it right. So make sure to apply the same thinking to your website.

Dedicate time in your schedule to review your analytics data (your web designer did install Google Analytics for you right?) and see what content is getting viewed and getting leads or sales. You'll start to detect patterns in what your audience respond to and you can replicate that across the weaker parts of your site.

This will save you time and money down the line.

Businesses that don't touch their website for a year find that it isn't bringing in the revenue they want and tend to think they need a full redesign. Whereas a business that has given it the care and attention it requires will see much better results and get the most value before another major overhaul.

So you have a strategy in place to keeps tabs on how your site is performing and making appropriate edits. How about fresh content?

Regular website updates will help your business two-fold

Keeping your site updated with new content such as company news, blog posts and promotions is a great two-pronged attack. Not only does it mean you are enticing visitors to come back again and therefore increasing exposure (make sure your site is collecting emails so you can mail out these updates), but you are also making your site look much more appealing to Google!

It's well documented that Google places importance on "freshness" in its ranking algorithm. So no matter what place on Google your web guy or girl has magicked up for you upon launch, you better expect it to slip without regular updates! Get this right though, and you should be able to start gaining ground and visitors month on month.

So what are you waiting for? Basking time over! If you want to start driving more leads and sales through your new website make sure you regularly review your analytics,tweak the weak parts and post new content.

You don't want to end up with a lonely website with nobody to love it and the threat of an early redesign. So put the time in your schedule.

I never leave my customers to figure things out on their own once we've launched their site. I give them concrete next steps on how to be successful online and how I can help them along that journey.

I’m Dan Hawkins and I write about how people can make their websites start working for their business. When I’m not writing, I also make websites for businesses and people. You can read more about my process and approach to web design if you'd like.

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